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My Top Exercises To Handle The Stress Of Pressure

This is part 4 of my performing under pressure series and today we are teaching your athletes how to handle the physical stress of pressure. I’ve got some of my best exercises in this video so make sure to share it with an athlete you know could use this information.

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When you feel pressure say these 3 things to yourself

Episode 3 of my Performing Under Pressure Series is here! Noone talks to you more than you do. The self-talk that athletes use are critical to their success, especially when it comes to dealing with pressure. In this video, I break down 3 things either athletes can say to themselves OR 3 things parents can say to their athletes to better help them deal with pressure.

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The SECRET To Performing Under Pressure


This is Episode 2 of my Performing Under Pressure Series where I break down the secret to performing under pressure that absolutely any individual can use. If you know someone who can use this information, make sure to share it with them!

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