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How Parents Can Motivate Their Athletes

There are few things more frustrating to a parent than to see their athlete not be as motivated as the parent would like them to be. Most people don't realize what it actually takes for someone to be motivated. Lucky enough for you, I've broken those 3 things down in this video AND showed you how to use them in order to create more motivation.


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Mental Side of Injury Recovery: Things Parents Should Know

Here’s what parents need to know about the mental side of injury recovery for their athletes. When your athlete gets injured many times it’s the most adversity they have faced yet during their sport career. At times, that can take an incredibly large mental toll. The path to returning to their sport is just as much mental as it is physical and in this video I break down what parents can do to help their athlete overcome the mental challenges that come from an injury.

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Novak Djokovic vs. Simone Biles: Who showed more mental toughness?

In this video, I break down Djokovic's comments and also compare how he handled the pressure he felt at the Olympics vs how Simone Biles handled pressure.

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My Top Exercises To Handle The Stress Of Pressure

This is part 4 of my performing under pressure series and today we are teaching your athletes how to handle the physical stress of pressure. I’ve got some of my best exercises in this video so make sure to share it with an athlete you know could use this information.

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Simone Biles WITHDRAWS?! What this means for sport parents everywhere

jay thooft simone biles Aug 17, 2021

Simone Biles elects to withdraw for a time from the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. I break down why this happens in elite athletes and also what this actually means for sport parents everywhere.

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When you feel pressure say these 3 things to yourself

Episode 3 of my Performing Under Pressure Series is here! Noone talks to you more than you do. The self-talk that athletes use are critical to their success, especially when it comes to dealing with pressure. In this video, I break down 3 things either athletes can say to themselves OR 3 things parents can say to their athletes to better help them deal with pressure.

If you like the video, share it with a friend!

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"This is bad sport parenting" : REAL LIFE EXAMPLE


Last week, I stumbled upon this example of horrible sport parenting. This video is not a personal attack on anyone as I kept the parent anonymous. However, this is an attack on this specific parenting philosophy and the mindset that underpins the thinking.

So today, we break down this really bad parenting philosophy and discuss why it is not a great way to raise athletes.

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Why People Choke Under Pressure (Top 5 Reasons)

This is video #1 of my Performing Under Pressure Series here on my YouTube channel. I recently polled my community about what was one of the biggest struggles they were dealing with and I got so many responses talking about either pressure or the effects of psychological pressure they were struggling with.

Make sure to tune in and leave me a comment if there is a specific topic around pressure you want me to cover in this series!

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How To Mentally Prepare For Anything

I received some great feedback this weekend about how the videos I’ve been putting on my channel don’t just benefit athletes and performers, but that they also have an application to just about everybody.

So we are going to switch things up today for this video. Instead of applying the concepts of elite level mental performance to younger developing athletes and performers to help them show up as the best versions of themselves in big moments, I’m going to talk today about how anyone can use those same concepts.

The truth is that it isn’t just athletes and performers that need to be able to show up at their best in big moments. We all do!

In this video, I’m going to break down 3 simple steps that will provide a great framework to help you prepare for those big moments in your life that you want to be able to show up as the best version of yourself.

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7 Ways Athletes Can Become Better Leaders

One of the most important quality athletes, and really any individual, can develop is that of leadership. This is because leaders are not only highly desirable by future coaches, but also leaders tend to set themselves apart as they pursue professions either in the corporate world or in the world of entrepreneurship.

So, the ability to learn how to lead a group of people towards a common goal is a skill that will pay great dividends for athletes now, but also will pay even bigger dividends for them in the future.

In this video, I give you 7 ways that any athlete can improve this all important ability of leadership. Let's get started

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