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"This is bad sport parenting" : REAL LIFE EXAMPLE


Last week, I stumbled upon this example of horrible sport parenting. This video is not a personal attack on anyone as I kept the parent anonymous. However, this is an attack on this specific parenting philosophy and the mindset that underpins the thinking.

So today, we break down this really bad parenting philosophy and discuss why it is not a great way to raise athletes.

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The SECRET To Performing Under Pressure


This is Episode 2 of my Performing Under Pressure Series where I break down the secret to performing under pressure that absolutely any individual can use. If you know someone who can use this information, make sure to share it with them!

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Why People Choke Under Pressure (Top 5 Reasons)

This is video #1 of my Performing Under Pressure Series here on my YouTube channel. I recently polled my community about what was one of the biggest struggles they were dealing with and I got so many responses talking about either pressure or the effects of psychological pressure they were struggling with.

Make sure to tune in and leave me a comment if there is a specific topic around pressure you want me to cover in this series!

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How To Mentally Prepare For Anything

I received some great feedback this weekend about how the videos I’ve been putting on my channel don’t just benefit athletes and performers, but that they also have an application to just about everybody.

So we are going to switch things up today for this video. Instead of applying the concepts of elite level mental performance to younger developing athletes and performers to help them show up as the best versions of themselves in big moments, I’m going to talk today about how anyone can use those same concepts.

The truth is that it isn’t just athletes and performers that need to be able to show up at their best in big moments. We all do!

In this video, I’m going to break down 3 simple steps that will provide a great framework to help you prepare for those big moments in your life that you want to be able to show up as the best version of yourself.

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7 Ways Athletes Can Become Better Leaders

One of the most important quality athletes, and really any individual, can develop is that of leadership. This is because leaders are not only highly desirable by future coaches, but also leaders tend to set themselves apart as they pursue professions either in the corporate world or in the world of entrepreneurship.

So, the ability to learn how to lead a group of people towards a common goal is a skill that will pay great dividends for athletes now, but also will pay even bigger dividends for them in the future.

In this video, I give you 7 ways that any athlete can improve this all important ability of leadership. Let's get started

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5 Objectives Of Your Mental Preparation

One of, if not the most important quality, that an athlete can have is the ability to be consistent. The athletes who are able to reach the highest levels of sport are able to find consistency in their performance. T

his allows them to become more relied on. The more they are relied upon the more they are afforded the opportunities that athletes who fail to find consistency don’t receive.

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How To Help Your Athlete Through Failure

The unfortunate truth is that if we want to help our athletes and performers achieve something great, we need them to understand that their path is going to be filled with potholes. These potholes can’t be just paved over, as much as I’m sure they would like that, and honestly they shouldn’t be because every single one of those potholes is really an opportunity for that athlete to learn and grow…..if they allow themselves to do so.

So for this video, I’ve identified 4 things that any parent or even coach can do to help their athlete through failure.

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8 Deadly Mistakes Athletes Make Before Competition


The way athletes navigate the ups and downs of the actual performance will determine their ability to find success. But when I have athletes come to me to work one on one many times the struggles that they have during the competition are actually because of some of the mistakes they are making before it even starts.

So today, I’m going to break 8 nine of those deadly performance crushing mistakes that I see athletes make so you can make sure that you aren’t allowing them to impact your performance.

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7 Tips For Coaching Youth Athletes

There is a lot that goes in to being a youth sport coach because coaches play such an important role in the lives of the athletes they serve. I often get a ton of questions from coaches and if you’re here watching this video you probably have some questions yourself. So, in order to get you some answers I put together 7 quick tips that can help you immediately become an even better youth sport coach.

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4 Ways Parents Can Build A Great Relationship With The Coach

There is a lot that goes into being a sport parent. Parenting an athlete alone comes with a lot of challenges. Today however we are going to talk nothing about helping you with your athletes, but rather how to help you with their coaches. Now, this video is I’m sure going to have information you may already be aware of but I also wanted to go a little deeper into this conversation and maybe challenge a few misconceptions that I see many parents have as well as help them avoid some pitfalls I see many of them make.

So today, I’m going to talk about 4 things you can do to help you as a parent build a better relationship with a coach and we are going to spend some time diving into each of those things to really give you the value you deserve for taking time out of your day to watch this video.

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