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Here's what I'm all about...

Hey there - thanks for stopping by! My name is Jay Thooft, a mental performance expert, coach, and teacher from Denver Colorado.

I imagine if you found yourself here you may be an athlete or performer....or you may be the parent of  an athlete or performer.

Have you ever asked yourself (or about your athlete) any of the following questions :

  • "Is there a way for me to actually train to better handle the stress, pressure, and adversity I face?"
  • "I've put so much effort into the other areas of my training. How do I start training the mental side?"
  • "I find myself underperforming in big moments. Is there training available that will allow me to show up as the best version of myself in those situations?"
  • "I have a really busy schedule. Is it possible to find mental performance training that is flexible enough to fit into my calendar?"
  • "The same challenges that impact my performance also show up in other areas of my life, will this help me with those as well?"

If so, then you have found yourself in the exact place that you need to be!

I believe that if developing athletes and performers are provided high quality mental performance resources earlier in their career.....they will be better positioned to maximize their potential. 

So far....that belief has proven to be true. 

I've helped thousands of athletes, performances, corporate executives, and business owners achieve their goals by elevating their ability to mentally perform so they can show up as the best versions of themselves in those moments that matter most to them. My clients achieving the transformation they seek is why I do this work!

I'm incredibly happy that you are here and honored to have you (or your athlete) as a student of mine!

Meet Your New Coach

In 2016, I founded Performance Excellence & Recovery Consulting (PERC) - a consulting firm dedicated to providing developing athletes the tools necessary to elevate their mental game and perform in the face of stress, pressure, and adversity.

Before PERC, I spent several years at the United States Olympic Training Center  in Colorado Springs spending hundreds of sessions working with the world's best athletes to elevate their performance. My work at the USOTC led to a realization that it wasn't just athletes at the highest level that needed high performance psychology training - it was all athletes that stood to benefit. 

PERC rapidly became an industry leader in setting the standard for high performance psychology training for developing athletes in the Greater Denver. To date, I oversee the mental performance training for 16  organizations and impact approximately 5000 athletes, performers, executives, business owners, parents, and coaches every year. With experience working with athletes and performers at the Olympic, National, College, and High School levels as well as Corporate Executives and Business Owners, I look forward to bringing you almost decade of experience in my mission to help you achieve higher levels of performance!

TrainWithPERC is a reflection of my mission to increase the accessibility of high performance psychology training so any athlete, performer, executing, or business owner has the opportunity to show up and perform their best in the moments that matter most. 

Download my 100% Free Guide full of simple tools you can install today to help you perform in your next big moment!

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